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5 Reasons Your Business Should Prepare for the Holidays

5 Reasons Your Business Should Prepare for the Holidays

Preparing Your Business For the Busiest Shopping Time of the Year

For some busy business owners, the holiday season isn’t as jolly as they’d like it to be. They find themselves abnormally busy, caught off guard, understaffed, exhausted and unable to enjoy the joyful time of year. But, it doesn’t have to be like that. In fact, preparation is the key to success, so be sure to strengthen your business in time for the hustle and bustle that this holiday season will likely bring. Prepare for the holidays with ease.

Below are five ways:

 1. Because your competition is. Beat your competition this year and prepare for the busy season before anyone else. Begin running holiday themed deals and incentives earlier than your competition. Pre-order signage, flyers, and other promotional products. But most importantly, remind your customers that YOU can help them during the holiday season.

2. Improving economy=Increased consumer spending. According to the National Retail Foundation, consumer spending during the holiday season this year is predicted to increase by 3.9% than last year. Make sure they are spending it on your product or service. Prior to the holiday season, research your competitor(s) and compare their marketing strategy with yours. Take this information and use it in creating a differentiation strategy that you can use not only during the holidays, but throughout the rest of the year.

3. To avoid being caught unprepared. Forecast sales from prior years to make sure you have purchased plenty of inventory ahead of time. Also prior to the holiday season, be sure you have completed renovating your storefront/work space/office. This allows you to work with ease during the busy holiday season. Lastly, hire holiday staff to increase convenience for busy customers and reduce transaction times.

4. To ensure you deliver the best customer service possible. Nowadays, consumers make educated decisions about where to purchase their goods and services. They use YELP to read reviews about businesses, and are able to shop and research products online. So when it comes to making a purchase, businesses must be on top of their game from everything to customer service, to the quality of the product or service. Sketch out the ideal customer transaction and show your employees that you have high standards for every customer interaction.

5. Planning for the holidays allows YOU to relax! Don’t procrastinate! The earlier you take care of your business needs, the more time YOU will have to spend with family and friends during the most wonderful time of the year.

By implementing these five tips, you won’t be left vulnerable to deal with the unknown of the volatile holiday season.  Most importantly you’ll be prepared and be able to rest easy, knowing your business is taken care of.