Changing the way you think about Small Business Loans

Q2F (Quote2Fund) is on a mission to prove to small business owners around the country that not all small business loans are created equal!  There are so many reasons to get a small business loan if you are in need of working capital. The benefits will surprise you and the ease of the loan process will amaze you.

First, we are dedicated to making capital easily accessible to small businesses nationwide, through a:

  1. simple quote process
  2. quick pre-approval
  3. enhanced funding process

Because our qualifying process favors cash flow over credit score, businesses with strong cash flow management are easily pre-approved up to 95% of the time. Q2F reduces the hassle that comes with traditional banking institutions and provides business owners with cash to use however they like. We could go on forever, but we won’t waste your time. Here are the top reasons to get a small business loan with Q2F. 

Reasons to Get a Small Business Loan with Q2F

1.    No Credit Card Sales Required

Business owners can secure working capital without tapping into credit card sales or future sales. However, if you do have credit card sales, great!

2.    Unconventional Underwriting Criteria

Unlike banks, this short-term working capital loan is not driven by credit score. Instead, we look at your business’ cash flow. If your cash flows are positive, you’ll have a great chance of being approved. Our loans are uncollateralized, meaning you don’t need to put up collateral in order to receive a loan. Your loan payments will be fixed, micro-payments or flex, depending on cash flow.

3.    High Approval Rate

Getting approved for any kind of loan is difficult. That’s why this reason, of all the reasons to get a small business loan, is the best. We provide less-stringent underwriting than traditional banks, approval rate is over 95%, many approvals are issued within 24 hours. As stated before, if your business has positive cash flows, chances are you’ll be approved without a problem.

 4.    Leverage Your Business Credit    

Borrowing through banks leverages your assets, borrowing through leverages your business’ cash inflow. Instead of depending on assets or personal credit you can depend on your revenue generating business to access funding.

 5. Start with a Quote!

Receive a short-term working capital quote. Calculate your loan approval amount & payment amount. Then decide from a variety of options to meet your needs and budget.

Still Not Enough?                                                                                 

If the above list gave you enough reason to get a loan quote, you can  get one here, and speak to one of our underwriters. They will make sure you are educated about every option and help you decide upon the loan that best suites your business.