What does a Business Funding Scout do?

Business Funding Scouts find great companies in their cities and help them get business loan, equipment financing, Line of Credit, SBA and Alternative Working Capital. You’re part of the American Dream, helping more business owners start and grow their businesses.

You’re the boots-on-the-ground: an expert on your city and the go-to-person when founders need capital. You’re responsible for helping decide whether our loan programs is a good fit, leading them through qualification, and helping determine the best terms for lending parameters.

And, don’t worry we’ll be happy to teach you first, provide full marketing and admin support, and guide you throughout the process to make sure business owner gets the funding they need.

More than that, you’ll be part of the Quote 2 Fund family. Business Funding Scouts get inside access to network of community of banks, non-bank lenders and investors with all kinds of perks. It’s not only fun, but you’ll gain valuable insights into how America works and how Small Business Owners make it happens every day.


How much experience do I need?

You don’t need any experience, only a love of helping business owners succeed. It should take a few days to learn all the material you need to know.

What will I need to learn?

We’ll teach you everything you need to know to be a business funding specialist. This includes the types of companies that can be successful at business funding acquisitions, all the details of the each banks’ guideline that business owners need to understand and qualify, the best choice of loan programs that’s particularly suitable to the business, and the best practices for how business owners should apply and access funding.

What kind of training do you offer?

We’ll offer a rigorous and continuous training where we go over everything you need to know for each applicant you acquire, and provide you fact sheets and brochures. We’ll work hand-in-hand with you for the first couple of companies you refer to us who are seeking funding. If at any time you have a question, you can always call us.

How will I be evaluated?

We reserve the right to fire business funding scouts who don’t represent our company and the client’s funding needs. Primarily, we want to make sure Quote 2 Fund and its lending partners are being presented in the right way – business owners must know both the strengths and weaknesses of program they qualify for. We also don’t want to waste your time, our time and the business owners’ time. This includes choosing to speak with businesses that can actually can make the decision, and be able to gather as much of the “detail business info” as possible so they can focus on running their business without interfering with paper gathering work.

What kind of companies are a good fit for Quote 2 Fund?

Businesses with or without revenue can qualify but not all products apply to all based on profile, revenue and other factors in determining ultimate funding solutions. This can include a potential inventory, equipment and other business funding needs from any and all type of industries with true funding needs.

How much work is needed to apply?

Business owners will need to provide 3 initial documentations to determine what best loan product are suited for them; one, is a business profile (application) to view business and owners’ profile, 6 months bank statements, recent business tax returns, and preparing proper financial documentation for a traditional loan programs. We estimate it will take a Business Funding Scout about 4 hours for an average company to gather what’s need to get multiple offers and pre-approvals.

What is the best way to meet companies?

There is no substitute for building relationships face-to-face or cultivating your current address book. Get to know your surrounding businesses and introduce yourself and the services you offer. Find out up and coming businesses in your city? Show up and talk to them. Who are the next generation of entrepreneurs who are about to start a business? Hold events – they’ll come to you.

When do I get the referral fee?

We pay up uncapped income immediately upon successful funding and it can happen within one week of your start day. Funding typically can only take place with 24-72 hours after the initial pre-approval. Your Shared Revenue will be based on funded amount, product and programs your client qualified for. No revenue generated if business doesn’t accept any loans offered to them.

Is there a limit to how many companies I can refer?

No. Business Funding Scout can refer any as many as businesses as you like. And, there is no territory restriction. You can work locally or nationally.

Do you have any restrictions?

No, typically we can accept all types of business; however, we can’t accept porn or weed companies. We’ll also only accept companies that meet our lending partner’s standard. In general, if a business has an operating income, no open Bankruptcies or liens, real customers with no hint of fraud, we’ll accept them. Pre-revenue startup might be challenging if credit is on the low end.

How do I share in the profits?

This business funding scout model is designed to share any revenue generated by you up to 75% of any income generated from the loan you originated.

However, fees are based on origination fees, bonuses and incentives our funding partners pay. It’s scaled revenue sharing based on monthly volume and funding amount.

Can this lead to a full-time job?

If that’s your goal, absolutely! This can be a satisfying career for you because typically business owners don’t just borrow once and once you’ve built a solid book of repeat you’ll have potential for residual income consistently.
You can be your own boss helping other entrepreneur-minded individuals like you.