Lenders of all sizes

We work with lenders of all sizes: big, small, regional, community and, more.

Grow with Quote 2 Fund

Reach new markets as we place your products in front of thousands prospective borrowers.

Lenders of different types

Whether you’re a bank or an alternative lender, we want to partner with you as we empower small businesses through credit and choice.

Save on search costs

Finding the right customer is expensive. Quote 2 Fund helps eliminate much of the work associated with finding qualified borrowers.

Quote 2 Fund helps small businesses focus on what matters most–running their business. Quote 2 Fund is the one-stop shop for business lending, offering an array of funding products and lenders all in one place.

Quote 2 Fund helps develop mutually beneficial relationships between small business owners and top-tier lenders–both traditional and alternative. The Quote 2 Fund lending marketplace empowers borrowers to select the funding options that are best for their businesses and puts your lending programs in front of the right customer.