Have questions about working capital programs? We have the answers you need. Read our frequently asked questions about working capital below.

1. What is Quote2Fund.com?

Quote2Fund.com was designed for small business owners looking for working capital.  Through our system, you’ll be able to compare working capital loan quotes from a multitude of lenders. These quotes are accurate and personalized because they are based on the information you provide us about your current cash flow. With our calculators, you can determine the loan pre-approval amount as well as repayment terms. 

2. How do we make a profit?

Quote2Fund.com doesn’t charge application fees. Just like any traditional business loan, the origination fee is how we generate income. An origination fee is not required upfront. Depending on the lender, the origination fee is deducted from the net proceeds and directed to us after funding. Because we are neither the servicer nor the lender, we don’t collect origination fees from our referrals directly.

3. How does it work?

Quote2Fund.com is an online working capital loan calculator. Our goal is to make it easy for business owners to obtain working capital for their businesses.

Through our system, small business owners are able to compare working capital loan quotes from a multitude of lenders. The quotes you’ll receive are accurate and personalized because they are based on the information you provide us about your current cash flow situation. Quote2Fund.com is safe and secure, meaning we won’t sell your information or bombard you with sales calls.

After you’ve entered your cash flow information, you’ll see the total amount of working capital you pre-qualify for. We also provide you with a breakdown of your monthly payment and terms. From there, if you’d like more detail on your request, you’ll be prompted to answer just a few more questions.

With Quote2Fund, there’s never any obligation to move forward. We want to provide business owners with the information that they need to meet their financial goals, and we hope that we can assist you along the way.

4. Do you pull my credit?

We don’t pull your credit until you’ve complete an actual application, either online or by fax/mail.

For ways to apply, click here. As always, your information is secure.

5. What are the longest terms available?

Because we offer uncollateralized working capital loans, the risk for our non-bank, alternative lenders is higher than that of collateralized loans. To make up for this, they limit terms to 24 months. However, as we begin to add new lenders to our network, we strive to offer the longest terms possible to our clients.

6. What’s the maximum funding amount?

Our working capital loans are revenue based, meaning your approval amount will be based on what your business can afford or your cash flow. We want to give our clients the working capital they need, but make sure they will be able to make their payments. Approval amount is typically between 3% to 25% of your monthly or annual gross revenues, with a $1,000,000 maximum and a $2,500 minimum.

7. How long is the application process?

The application process can be instant if you provide us with all of the necessary information so we may offer you an express approval. Otherwise, approval takes no more than 24 hours, however higher dollar amounts could take longer.

8. How long does the funding process take?

The cooperation of all parties involved (you, landlord, and the lender) will expedite the funding process. Most of the time, funds will be wired or sent through ACH to a verified business account  within 24-72 hours after the final documents have been signed. 

9. Do you require site inspection?

Yes, certain dollar amounts require site inspection. If site inspection is required, it’s typically done within 24 hours.

10. What is a “Welcome Call”?

Before funds are released, a welcome call takes place between the lender, auditor and you, the business owner. Typically, this is a recorded call that will reiterate the terms of the contract once more for your authorization.

11. How is repayment determined?

Payment withdrawal will depend on your current cash flow situation. Our lenders will not fund just anyone; they want to make sure they get their investment back. Therefore, you and your personal underwriter will determine a way to collect payment that is the least detrimental to your cash flow.

12. Do I have a monthly payment?

Yes, you do! But again, based on the cash flow analysis of your bank statements, we’ll be able to determine the best way to collect payment. Typically, to make it more affordable, a payment is collected daily (Monday thru Friday) or weekly. Payments taken once a month, in a lump sum are rare because the loan is already short-term. This type of lending is designed for businesses with revenue, who need a quick infusion of working capital.

13. Does this loan have an APR (Annual Percentage Rate)? 

Some lenders will show APR, others will show the rate factor. Rate factor is based on terms in months. For example, a rate factor on 18 months will be higher than a rate factor on 9 months. Our loan calculator will be able to provide this information.

For example, the rate factor is determined by dividing $25,000 (payback) with $21,000 (borrowed) to yield a rate factor of 1.19% ($25,000/$21,000 = 1.19.) Rate factor will depend on the length of the term.

14. Can I refinance?

Yes, you can refinance once you have hit the 50% payback level.

15. Will I have to refinance with the same lender?

No. At the renewal level, you have options to do the following: (1) renew for the same term and amount with the same lender (2) seek an alternative funding source more suitable for you (3) decline your renewal request completely.

16. Will still qualify even if I have Tax Liens, Judgments or Prior Bankruptcy?

The answer is yes! As long as you have a payment plan, your bankruptcy has been dismissed/discharged prior to a year, and your business can show strong increasing cash flow.

17. What If I don’t have a payment plan?

As long as you allow us to pay the liens from the proceeds, you have options.

18. Can I be delinquent with my Landlord?

Yes, once again this loan depends on your current cash flow situation. If it makes sense to get caught up on rent by using the funds from our lenders, then you may do so.

19. Can I use this money to pay for taxes?

Yes, some of our clients have used part of their loan amount to pay payroll taxes, franchise taxes, state taxes, property taxes, income taxes, etc. You’ll be able to use the money as you see fit, as long as it’s for the business!

20. Do you offer any additional services?

Yes, we also offer equipment financing and merchant cash advances. Equipment financing can be used for equipment that requires longer terms and a smaller payment, once a month. Merchant cash advances are good for those who don’t qualify for a working capital loan, but still need a cash infusion. We are also working on an Equipment Leasing calculator that will be featured on our website soon.

Whatever it takes, we try our best to get small businesses the funds they need.

Still have questions about working capital? Contact us today for more information!