Get a quote, get approved, and secure a business credit line to meet your needs

Here at Quote2Fund, we provide options for our customers, one of them is a pre-approved business credit line. A pre-approved business credit line allows business owners to access the remaining loan approval amount up to 90 days after their initial take away.

Our sources will always approve your business for the maximum loan amount based on your company’s revenue. Meaning, you could qualify for access to up to $1,000,000 in working capital.  However, you only take the amount you desire.  This allows small business owners to tap into funding when they need it and be easily qualified to refinance. Since most loans have the ability to be refinanced, this predictability gives our business loans the sense of an open line of credit, or revolving credit without the strict clauses.

Our short-term, pre-approved business credit line is great for businesses that are growing as well as those who are trying to catch up or have encountered unforeseen emergency expenses. Unlike a typical business credit line, our short-term, pre-approved business credit line is not attached to the business owner’s personal credit or any type of collateral. Nor is there a penalty if it is not used. Rather, the pre-approval amount is determined by the business’ total gross sales at time of pre-approval. In addition, pre-approval is typically based on affordability and ability to repay. Unlike traditional banks, our underwriters look at the overall strength of the business and often times never look at the business owner’s personal credit score as a factor in deciding whether or not a loan is approved.  Instead, approval is based on your monthly cash flows. We want to make sure that you stay in business, not restrict you with operating capital by lending you what you can’t afford.

Our direct funding sources realize the importance of flexibility when it comes to small businesses, and they want to be sure the opportunity of a loan is met with a peace of mind.  Our pre-approved business credit line has been designed to meet the unique needs of all types of business owners, from large businesses to the small, local corner store, and even home based businesses.

How our business credit line is different than anything else

Generally, when someone starts a small business, they put forth personal assets such as their home and other forms of equity in order to obtain the funds necessary to start a business. You’d think business owners would have more loan options than ever before, right? However, most are still unable to find trustworthy alternative lenders. As of now, there hasn’t been a source where all working capital products are offered under one roof.

Quote2Fund is your solution. We provide options!

We specialize in helping small and medium-sized businesses obtain financing.

We offer quotes from 100’s of funding sources.  

From there, you are able to choose which loan meets the needs of your current situation.

Working capital needs vary from business to business but includes things like: leasing or purchasing equipment, remodeling, office expansions, marketing, as well as the simple need for additional cash flows. Business owners are able to use the credit line for any business related activity.

We are here to provide you with services such as unsecured business financing, business cash advances, and equipment financing. By having access to direct funding sources, we’re able to provide working capital whenever the customer needs it.  Q2F has options for you from quote to funding.

We can help you accomplish your dreams with our business loans. Get a Quote and Apply today!